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misha pls


Hellooooo Please take a listen to my now-good-sounding-quality-recording of my song Dean’s Lament!! :D That would be DA BOMB!!!
You can dowload it as well, for free or any price you want to payyy.

: Dean’s Lament [Hey There Brother] by Mary Courage

Inspired by the series Supernatural and the character Dean Winchester.
My little tribute to him !!


Hey there brother I’ll carry you 
Guide you away from every dark thing in the world 
How could you leave me, I’m stranded here without you 
I’d bring you back why won’t you do the same for me? 

Hey there father, I’ve done everything you’ve asked 
my only question now, why wasn’t that enough? 
Please come home, I’m much too young for this life 
Missing fragments of that boy’s innocent mind 

Hey there mother, are you watching over me? 
Would you say that you’re proud of the man you see? 
I know it’s not the life you wanted for us 
but I promise you, we’re alright 

Hey there Cas.. I’m loss for words 
You pulled me out of hell all those years ago 
I hope you never think I’ve given up on you 
cause you’ve saved me in every possible way 

Hey there Dean, I’ve really fucked up this time 
Letting greed take it’s hold over me 
All of this power drowning out my humanity 
I’m scared, what am I going to become? 

Hey there brother, Help me out 
Carry me and put my life to rest 
Before I go I’ve got one more thing to say 
I’m proud over us 

Hey there Death, have you come to take me at last 
I’m through, this thing has changed me to much 
I don’t know where I’ll end up 
I guess It’s time for darkness to open it’s eyes


released 21 August 2014 
Written, composed and sung by Matilda Modigh


misha messing around with richard at van con (pics by karen cooke, sweet on dean)



"Goodbye, Ghibli" animated tribute by Fox’s ADHD.
I agree with the lyrics “Dont go Ghibli, don’t say goodbye”.

Awww, that’s really cute.

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i know you guys are done with ferguson news because its not “”“”trendy”“”” anymore but an eight year old child was hit with tear gas

why does no one on this site know how to post news

instead of trying to take jabs at people and going “i’m the only one who cares look at this” just post the fucking news and tell everyone what’s going on

how do y’all make some of the simplest shit so mean-spirited

Fixed it for OP : Ferguson news: eight year old child was hit with tear gas




Season 5 Official Companion, page 65:

Right from the opening scene it was clear that Jared Padalecki playing the character of Gary inside Sam’s body was going to work. “He just killed that,” says (Robert) Singer. “It was great. He really got into that character. It was so funny, and I remember there was one take where he didn’t say the line exactly right, but we kept it in because it was so funny. The line was, ‘I would love to have sex with you, Crystal,’ and for some reason Jared said, ‘Crystal, I would love to have the sex with you.’ I was like, ‘Oh, let’s print that.’ I thought it was hilarious.”

one of the most priceless SPN moments.

YOU SAID “the Sex”

his face in that 3rd gif is a gem

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My Jared autograph story excuse me if I cry while I type this because it literally happened like ten minutes ago

I walked up to the table and tried not to pass out from nerves basically because I’ve been waiting for the chance to tell him something for two years now and he was right there in front of me looking at me and?????

I don’t want to share exactly what I said because it’s really personal but I essentially told him that Sam gave me the courage to remove myself from a very unhealthy and horrible situation in my life after years of being too afraid and confused to do anything about it and I just wanted to thank him from the bottom of my heart for that. And I started crying halfway through and he was just sitting there listening to me so intently and ugh the way he looked at me it turned me into a mess. 

And he said “First of all, I don’t hear this all the time. And second of all, I’m glad Sam did this for you because you never need to be in that situation again.”

And he put his hand up in the air palm out for me to take it and I put my hand against his and he literally laced his huge fingers in between mine and squeezed my hand and said “You are too good for that. You are far too good for that.”

At this point I’m crying and just saying thank you over and over like an idiot and he just looked at me and smiled a little and said

"I’m so proud of you, you take care sweetie" 

and I walked away and sat down in a chair because I was so overwhelmed with finally having been able to thank him for that 

I am a literal mess right now

Cross out the things that you’ve done. [copied via  ]











Senior prank. Every cup is filled with water.

Wow, those are some nice diags. Major props.

These cups are in perfect lines.

…must have been the band kids

This is too clever not to reblog



It was band kids


Definitely band kids. 

Band kids are capable of scary things

My boyfriend is in a drum corps and I went to a show and those people are definitely capable of scary things.

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Rewatching Bloody Mary I noticed this adorable moment I had forgotten. Usually, when Dean says something insensitive Sam will shoot him a look that says “knock it off,” and Dean will, somewhat reluctantly, knock it off. What I love about this moment is Sam knows Dean’s done dealing with the guy they’re talking to—knows a chiding look isn’t going to cut it because Dean’s frustration is justified. So instead, Sam pats Dean on the shoulder and puts himself between the two of them so he can deal with the situation in a different way. A little blink-and-you-miss it moment that perfectly illustrates how Sam looks out for Dean.





Just imagine Dean kissing Cas for the first time, and Cas being completely shocked -

And Dean taking advantage of the momentary lapse to stab Castiel with the angel blade; the demon laughing as the life fades from those blue eyes.

And then imagine Cas covering Dean’s demon eyes as he sinks to the floor, trying to remember the real Dean. His Dean.image



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jared and the fans trying to help jensen send his first tweet [x]

and then his face a few minutes later when he realizes the tweet didn’t go through